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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
since 1981
1708 Endeavor Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Ph: 757-887-3500
Fx: 757-887-8813


Aluminum alloys and Steel types and sizes 
Raw material specifications -
Plating specifications -
Wet Painting and Powder Coating specifications -

All in-house services:
MIG, TIG and Spot Welding
PEM clinch nuts and studs press-fit
hardware installation
Riveting - Solid, Tubular, Semi-Tubular, POP,
Avibank Rivenuts, Cherry, Avdel, BF Goodrich & Atlas
Installation of latches, turn fasteners, handles,
hinges, knobs, thread inserts, gasketing & insulation
Vibrator deburring, dual action &
straight graining sanding
Silk screening, part marking, and engraving
Irridite, Alodine, Chemical Film - Gold and Clear
Zinc Plating - Yellow, Clear and Bright Blue
RoHs Compliant
Phosphate Treatment on Steel
Anodizing - Clear and colors